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I am w:en:User:Quiddity / m:User:Quiddity (WMF)

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Whimsical lists

(For eventual poetry mis-use. Please add, or have a go!)

MW languages/packages/services that are also common/ambiguous words
babel, BagOStuff, banana, blubber, carbon, cite, collection, composer, cucumber, cumin, diamond, druid, echo, flow, ganglia, graph, graphite, Jenkins, kafka, kraken, leaflet, limn, lint, milkshake, nuke, pimple, pivot, Prometheus, puppet, quarry, quiz, ruby, salt, score, skin, sphinx, sentry, squid, subversion, swift, thanks, translate, trebuchet, varnish, zookeeper
WM Language codes that are also English words
ace, am, an, arc, as, bar, be, bug, fur, gag, got, ha, haw, he, hi, it, koi, lad, nap, new, no, om, or, pi, rap, simple, so, to, war, yo

(Because: Labs labs labs and mw:Naming things!)