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(For eventual poetry mis-use. Please add, or have a go!) (Because: Labs labs labs and mw:Naming things! Play with words, for fun!)

MediaWiki [languages / packages / services] that are also [common / ambiguous] words
babel, BagOStuff, banana, blubber, carbon, cite, collection, composer, cucumber, cumin, diamond, druid, echo, flow, fresh, fresnel, ganglia, graph, graphite, Jenkins, kafka, kraken, leaflet, limn, lint, milkshake, nuke, nutcracker, pimple, pivot, pontoon, Prometheus, puppet, quarry, quibble, quiz, ruby, salt, score, skin, sphinx, sentry, squid, subversion, swift, thanks, translate, trebuchet, varnish, zookeeper
Wikimedia Language-Codes that are also English words
ace, am, an, arc, as, bar, be, bug, fur, gag, got, ha, haw, he, hi, it, koi, lad, nap, new, no, om, or, pi, rap, simple, so, to, war, yo
  1. Kafka Jenkins's flow be diamond it so fresh.
  2. He be no blubber kraken, he be swift sentry squid, thanks to carbon ganglia.
  3. Ace composer, Prometheus, echoes thanks to squid zookeeper, as he got fresh banana milkshake.

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