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This landing page will serve as an index for DC Ops team specific Wikitech pages. In addition to this landing page, Data Center Operations maintains a landing page in Phabricator.


We make every attempt to resolve all tasks and requests in a timely manner. We've implemented the following SLA targets.

Please note none of these start until both the clarified start time and with proper project tags. See details for each type of task request in their section below. Please use templates listed below.

Project Business Days to Resolve SLA start
Procurement 90 Date of Task filing
Racking/Installation 30 Arrival of Hardware to DC site
Hardware Failure / Repair 10 Date of Task filing
Decommission 45 When all sub-team steps are complete and task is assigned to on-site

Other Info

Common Data center Specifications

SRE/Infrastructure Naming Conventions - shared SRE Department document of host-name standards.

Insetup roles per team:

  • Core Platform Team: role::insetup::core_platform
  • Data Engineering: role::insetup::data_engineering
  • Data Persistence: role::insetup::data_persistence
  • Infrastructure Foundations: role::insetup::infrastructure_foundations
  • Machine Learning: role::insetup::machine_learning
  • Observability: role::insetup::observability
  • Search Platform: role::insetup::search_platform
  • Serviceops: role::insetup::serviceops
  • Traffic: role::insetup::traffic
  • WMCS SREs: role::insetup::wmcs