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This landing page will serve as an index for DC Ops team specific Wikitech pages. In addition to this landing page, Data Center Operations maintains a landing page in Phabricator.

Common Data center Specifications

SRE/Infrastructure Naming Conventions - shared SRE Department document of host-name standards.

Insetup roles per team:

  • Core Platform Team: role::insetup::core_platform
  • Data Engineering: role::insetup::data_engineering
  • Data Persistence: role::insetup::data_persistence
  • Infrastructure Foundations: role::insetup::infrastructure_foundations
  • Machine Learning: role::insetup::machine_learning
  • Observability: role::insetup::observability
  • Search Platform: role::insetup::search_platform
  • Serviceops: role::insetup::serviceops
  • Traffic: role::insetup::traffic
  • WMCS SREs: role::insetup::wmcs