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Cloud VPS Server Admin Log

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The Server Admin Log (known as SAL) is a public collection of short messages, published from server administrators (in Toolforge, Cloud VPS projects, etc.) in order to track and share server activities (related to maintenance, upgrades, fixes, etc.) and better collaborate.

Add from IRC

To add a new message you can join this IRC channel: #wikimedia-cloud connect. Then send a message using this format:

!log <project> <message>


!log write-here-the-project-code My cat destroyed the database. Sorry. Now fixed.

Note that the project code of a Toolforge tool is "tools.<toolname>".

A bot will read your message and automatically add it to a Wikitech page (Nova Resource:<project>/SAL).

Add from Toolforge

If you are in a Toolforge bastion shell you can also send a message using this command (the project name is automatically included):

dologmsg <message>


The SAL tool is useful to explore log entries from projects:

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