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Wikitech is the home of technical documentation for Wikimedia Foundation infrastructure and services. This includes production clusters, Wikimedia Cloud Services, Toolforge hosting, and the Beta Cluster. To edit this wiki, you need a Wikimedia developer account. Wikitech does not use the Wikimedia Unified Login (like on Wikipedia) and does not permit editing without an account.

An overview of the Wikimedia Cloud Services (WMCS) products and ecosystem.
Wikimedia Cloud VPS provides a cloud computing infrastructure powered by OpenStack for projects related to the Wikimedia movement.
Toolforge is a hosting environment for developers working on tools (bots, webservices, scheduled jobs) that help maintain and support Wikimedia wikis.
Wiki replicas and offerings for analysis, Tool building, and exploration. Both Cloud VPS and Toolforge can be used to access Data Services.
Wikimedia's production infrastructure is the servers, software, and data that power the real, live Wikimedia websites. It is maintained by the Wikimedia Foundation's Site Reliability Engineering team as well as other teams.

The core of the production infrastructure is a highly-configured deployment MediaWiki, our open-source wiki application, but it also contains a vast array of other applications, from Apache Traffic Server to Zookeeper.

The documentation here covers the specific details of Wikimedia's infrastructure. If you're trying to run your own MediaWiki site, see the general MediaWiki documentation at