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Apache Superset is a platform for data exploration, collaboration, and visualization.


Wikimedia Cloud Services

A public instance of Superset is currently being tested.

Data Engineering

The data engineering team runs a restricted access instance. For access, see Analytics/Data_access#LDAP_access.

How do I ...

See a list of recent queries from all users?

Look at the Query History under SQL Lab.

Run a SQL query?

Use SQL Lab, it can interactively build your query. See upstream documentation.

Database configuration has a map of which schema is in which database.

Collaborate with others?

Create a dashboard, and add additional owners. Publish the same dashboard and it will also be publicly visible. To publish, click the "Draft" text adjacent to the star icon.

Click "Draft" to publish a dashboard
Click "Draft" to publish a dashboard

Create a visualization?

A chart can be created from any query. See the upstream documentation.

Use the API?

See and the upstream documentation.