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  • We have two types of naming conventions: clustered servers & miscellaneous servers.
  • We do not re-use hostnames of past servers on new servers. When db1001 is decommissioned, no other server will have the name db1001.
  • We do re-use networking gear names, keeping the access switch in eqiad rack A8 named asw-a8-eqiad, and if it is replaced, the new replacement takes that name.
  • Old servers are visible (even when decommissioned) in Racktables. Please check there for existing server names before naming any new servers.
    • Unfortunately, Racktables doesn't presently allow for us to have anonymous users, or variable user access levels, and is a login required system.

Datacenter sites

  • Our present standard is vendor initials (at time of lease signing) followed by the city/region's major airport.
    • Example: We call sites in Dallas, CODFW for cyrus one, and DFW being the largest/major airport nearby. (While in some cases, Love Field airport would be the closest.)
Datacenter Vendor Airport Code
codfw CyrusOne DFW
eqdfw Equinix DFW
eqiad Equinix IAD
eqord Equinix ORD
eqsin Equinix SIN
esams EvoSwitch AMS
knams Kennisnet AMS
ulsfo United Layer SFO

Networking & miscellaneous equipment

  • Naming is based off network equipment role and location.
  • Includes power distribution units, serial console servers, and other infrastruture
  • role-location
Abbreviation Network Role Example
asw access switch asw-a1-eqiad
cr core router cr1-eqiad
mr management router mr1-eqiad
msw management switch msw1-eqiad & msw-b2-eqiad
pfw payments fire wall pfw1-eqiad
ps1 / ps2 power strips/distribution units ps1-b3-eqiad
psw dedicated peering switch psw1-eqiad
scs serial console server scs-a8-eqiad


  • Naming follows two conventions:
  • Array is attached to a single host:
  • hostname_of_host_system-arrayN
  • Example: ms2001-array1, ms2001-array2
  • all arrays get a number, even if there is only a single array.
  • Example: dataset1001-array1
  • Array is attached to multiple hosts
  • Labs uses this for labstore, each shelf connects to two different hosts. As such, the older single host naming scheme fails.
  • servicehostgroup-arrayN-site
  • Example: labstore-array1-codfw, labstore-array2-codfw


Any system that runs in a dedicated services cluster with other machines will be named after their role/service task. As a rule, we attempt to name after the service, not just the software package. Also, servers within a group are numbered based on the datacenter they are located in.

Datacenter Numeral range Example
pmtpa / sdtpa 1-999 cp7
eqiad 1000-1999 db1001
codfw 2000-2999 mw2187
esams / knams 3000-3999 cp3031
ulsfo 4000-4999 bast4001
eqsin 5000-5999 dns5001

When adding a new datacenter, make sure to update operations/puppet.git /typos file which check hostnames.

Hostname Description Status
amssq esams caching server Unused (deprecated)
amslvs esams LVS Unused (deprecated)
analytics analytics nodes (Hadoop, Hive, Impala, and various other things) In use
auth Authentication server in use
bast bastion host In use
conf Configuration system host (etcd, zookeeper...) In use
cp cache proxy (Varnish) In use
dataset dataset dumps storage In use (deprecated)
db database host In use
dbproxy database proxy In use
dbstore database backup In use
druid Druid Cluster (Analytics) In use
dumpsdata dataset generation fileset serving to snapshot hosts In use
elastic elasticsearch servers In use
es external storage database In use
etcd Etcd server In use
etherpad Etherpad server In use (mistake)
eventlog Event logging host In use
fdb fundraising database In use
ganeti Ganeti Virtualization Cluster In use
gerrit Gerrit code review (cobalt in eqiad is currently used) In use (deprecated)
graphite Graphite server In use
install Installation server In use (rare)
kafka Kafka Brokers In use
kafkamon Kafka Monitoring (VMs) In use
knsq knams squid Unused (deprecated)
lab labs virtual node Unused
labcontrol lab controller In use
labnodepool labs node pool server (CI) In use
labmon labs monitoring server In use
labnet labs network In use
labsdb labs database In use
labservices labs services In use
labstore labs storage In use
labtest labs test hosts In use
labvirt labs virtualization node In use
logstash elasticsearch/logstash/kibana node In use
lvs lvs load balancer In use
maps-test maps test cluster In use
mc memcache server In use
ms media storage In use (deprecated)
ms-be media storage backend In use
ms-fe media storage frontend In use
mw mediawiki node (apache application, api, jobrunners, bits app servers) In use
mwdebug mediawiki deployment testing nodes (run in ganeti) In use
mwlog mediawiki logging server In use
mx Mail relays In use
nas NAS boxes (NetApp) Unused
netmon Network Monitor (smokeping, torrus, librenms) In use
nfs NFS server Unused
notebook Jupyterhub experimental server In use
ocg offline content generator (PDF) In use
oresrdb ORES Redis systems In use
pc Parser cache database In use
pdf PDF Collections Unused (deprecated)
phab Phabricator host (currently iridium is eqiad phab host) In use
planet Planet server In use (mistake)
pybal-test PyBal testing and development In use
rbf Redis Bloom Filter server Unused
rcs Recent changes stream In use
rdb Redis server In use
relforge Discovery Relevance Forge Unused (soon to be implemented)
restbase RESTBase server In use
sca Service Cluster A - Includes various services In use
scb Service Cluster B - Includes various services. It's effectively the next generation of the sca cluster above In use
snapshot Data dump processing node In use
sq squid server Unused (deprecated)
srv apache server Unused (deprecated)
stat statistics (analytics) host In use
storage storage host Unused (deprecated)
tmh TimedMediaHandler, MediaWiki videoscaler See T105009 and T115950.
virt labs virtualization nodes Unused (deprecated)
wdqs wikidata query service In use
webperf webperf metrics (performance team) In use T179036
wtp wiki-text processor node (parsoid) In use

Miscellaneous servers

Any one-off or single service host. This includes pretty much all non-mediawiki software on the cluster that isn't load balanced across multiple machines. Or general task machines that can cluster (to an extent) but require opsen work to do so. The naming of these is based on location (since they tend to do more than one kind of thing or provide more than one particular service/site type.)

Datacenter Site Convention Example
codfw Star Names acamar
eqiad Elements carbon
esams / knams Notable Dutch vandale
ulsfo Famous Druids n/a
  • CODFW modern proper star names should be chosen that are a single word long and contain no odd characters (and have not yet been used).
  • CODFW Orion constellation (Alnilam, Alnitak, Bellatrix, Betelgeuse, Heka, Meissa, Mintaka, Nair Al Saif, Rigel, Saiph, Tabit, Thabit) is reserved for fundraising
  • EQIAD next atomic # assignment (incremental by atomic #): 112