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codfw data center

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Codfw data center

Map of Wikimedia Foundation data centers.

Vendor CyrusOne (CO)
Nearby airport Dallas/Fort Worth International (DFW)
Location Carrollton, Texas, United States
Datacenter number #2
Usage Application services
One of the Wikimedia server racks at CyrusOne.

codfw (pronounced code-ef-double-you, or the Dallas DC) is located at CyrusOne's DFW1 data center in Carrollton, Texas, United States.


The name Codfw is based on CyrusOne (the vendor), and DFW being the large nearby airport. Technically, Love Field airport is closer but less well-known.

Cabinet name mapping

We label our cabinets in lettered rows, and numbered cabinets (example: A1-codfw). CyrusOne's reports have info for cabinets like CAR-DH7-WIKI-7010-66.

WMF Cabinet Name CyrusOne Cabinet Name
a1 EZ-DH7-7010-66
a4 EZH-DH7-7010-69
a7 EZ-DH7-7010-72
b1 EZ-DH7-7013-66
b4 EZ-DH7-7013-69
b7 EZ-DH7-7013-72
c1 EZ-DH7-7018-66
c4 EZH-DH7-7018-69
c7 EZ-DH7-7018-72
d1 EZ-DH7-7021-66
d4 EZ-DH7-7021-69
d7 EZ-DH7-7021-72

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