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  • Dashboard to view performance metrics.
    • MediaWiki PHP profiling (Flame Graphs; HHVM/Xenon).
    • Coal graphs: A small set of key performance metrics are kept in Coal in addition to Graphite.
  • Graphite. Primary real-time metric database. Sources: webperf (statsd, statsv, EventLogging). Various dashboards available.
  • Tendril. Real-time MySQL (MariaDB) analytics and performance.


  • Logstash. Primary log file database. Runtime errors, warnings and notices from MediaWiki, Apache, and other servers and services. Queryable from ElasticSearch through Kibana, and the aggregated log files from the command-line on mwlog1001.

Manual inspection

Backend requests

See X-Wikimedia-Debug for how to turn on request profiling. This will use XHProf to capture a profile and send it to XHGui.



Ideas for improving site performance

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