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This is the runbook for deploying new versions of WebPageReplay/Browsertime/Firefox/Chrome.


Update to new version

Firefox and Chrome are bundled in the sitespeed.io Docker container. When there's a new version, check the changelog and update like this:

  1. Clone the Gerrit repo: ssh://USER@gerrit.wikimedia.org:29418/performance/synthetic-monitoring-tests.git
  2. Go into the new cloned repo: cd synthetic-monitoring-tests
  3. Create a new branch named with the new version number: git checkout -b my_new_version
  4. Edit the run.sh file and change one of the first lines that looks something like this: DOCKER_CONTAINER=sitespeedio/sitespeed.io:10.3.2
  5. Change the version number (10.3.2 in this case) to your new version.
  6. Commit the file and send in the commit for a review.
  7. When the change is approved, the new version will be automatically picked up the next iteration of running the tests.

Deploy first time

On a new server you need to install the dependencies (Docker) and follow the instructions.