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Server rack.

The Ulsfo cluster is located at United Layer in San Francisco, California (United States).


"ul" comes from United Layer. "SFO" is the airport code of San Francisco International Airport


Caching for USA West and East Asia.

Parts Inventory


  • Brady IDXpert keyboard layout label printer
  • Cable labels XSL-103-427 : QTY 4
  • Server labels X-130-499 : QTY 4
  • MegaPro Electronic bits set screwdriver
  • MegaPro Micro drill bit set screwdriver
  • RJ45 cable stripper
  • RJ45 cable crimper
  • Boxcutter : QTY 2
  • Scissors
  • Set of third hand tools
  • Cletop fiber cleaning tool
  • 14 Asset tags left (in brady storage bin)


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