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What is planet?

An RSS feed aggregator. See meta:Planet_Wikimedia for details.

How do I access it?

en.planet.wikimedia.org and several other languages, *.planet.wikimedia.org.

Which languages exist?

The current list of languages is:

How to add a new language?

Make a change in the operations/puppet repo in ./modules/profile/manifests/planet/venus.pp . You'll see the existing examples.

Where should I report issues?

On Phabricator. In product Wikimedia, component Planet

Where does it run?

On planetX001 where X={1, 2} varying on the datacenter (eqiad, codfw). Before that it was on zirconium in eqiad. The even older planet was on singer.

Where's the code?

In git, in the operations/puppet repo:

  1. ./manifests/role/planet.pp
  2. ./manifests/misc/planet.pp


  1. https://offog.org/code/rawdog/

How are planets being updated?

Puppet creates cron jobs, running as user "planet".

crontab -u planet -l
example:  0 0 * * * /usr/bin/planet -v /usr/share/planet-venus/wikimedia/de/config.ini > /var/log/planet/de-planet.log 2>&1

There is also /var/lib/planet/update-planets to update all planets at once. run with sudo -u planet though to not mess up permissions on log files.

How do I add or remove feed URLs?

  1. Clone the operations/puppet Git repository: git clone https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/operations/puppet;
  2. go to modules/planet/templates/feeds/ and edit one of the [language]_config.erb files (where [language] matches the code of the language of the new feed);
  3. submit to Gerrit and have somebody review and it.
    → Use "planet-feeds" as the topic (branch) when submitting. Moreover, prepend "planet:" to the commit message, e. g. planet: Add XYZ feed (861452). Currently, in November 2022, user Dzahn is responsible for reviewing and merging respective change sets and may be added as reviewer. See the Git/Reviewers #operations/puppet MediaWiki.org page for reference.

You can see the existing lists of feeds that are included at https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/plugins/gitiles/operations/puppet/+/refs/heads/production/modules/planet/templates/feeds/

How do I change HTML of the index pages?

  1. see above, edit ./puppet/templates/planet/index.html.tmpl.erb

How do I add/change translations in the index pages or add a new language?

  1. see above, edit ./puppet/manifests/role/planet.pp (find $planet_languages=...)

How do I request changes if I can't or don't want to submit a change set myself?

Ask on meta:Planet_Wikimedia#Requests_for_Update_or_Removal