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The Toolforge Standards Committee is a group of Wikimedia volunteers who review, approve, and facilitate access requests for the source code of Toolforge hosted tools, and adoption and usurpation of abandoned tools. These powers are granted by the Right to fork policy and the Abandoned tool policy.

Committee membership

Current members

Membership criteria

Members of the Toolforge Standards Committee must:

  • Be active members in good standing of the Toolforge community.
  • Have signed the Wikimedia Foundation's Volunteer NDA before being appointed.

Membership changes

Committee members are appointed by the Wikimedia Foundation on an as needed basis. Nominations for appointment are accepted annually and/or upon the removal of an existing committee member. Self nomination is acceptable.

Committee members can be removed for failure to participate in committee discussions, by the Wikimedia Foundation for any reason, or by a majority request from the other committee members.


The committee must have three members to function. There is no set upper limit on committee membership. If the membership of the committee falls below three members the activities of the committee will be suspended until quorum is restored.

Committee duties

The duties of the committee are primarily outlined in the Right to fork policy and the Abandoned tool policy which may be amended by the Wikimedia Foundation in consultation with the Toolforge project members. See the current versions of the policies for complete details.

Committee members are expected to conduct their activities with a high degree of transparency. Decisions should be documented on Phabricator in tasks related to the original requests. The committee is granted leeway to determine its own internal policies and procedures, but these must be documented on Wikitech and may be subject to alteration by the Wikimedia Foundation for technical, privacy, or legal reasons.


Tool access

Members of the committee may need to have access to a tool account in order to review the files present on Toolforge servers. When possible, the committee should attempt to work directly with the current maintainers of the tool before requesting membership changes from the Toolforge administrators. When no maintainers can be found to grant access, a Phabricator ticket will be created to request access to the tool in question. This access request will be handled by a Toolforge administrator adding individual committee members as co-maintainers of the tool.

Security issues

High priority is given to addressing tools with outstanding security issues. If a vulnerability is found, it should be reported on Phabricator using the security form. After, you can add either the tag for the specific tool or the catch-all "Tools" tag. The original tool developer should be copied on the task, as well as at least one of the members of the Standards Committee (named above). If the original tool developer does not follow up in a reasonable amount of time, reach out to any member of the Standards Committee, who will then work with the committee to decide what action (if any) needs to be taken.

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