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Help:Toolforge/Terms and conditions

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Before using Toolforge, it is the user's responsibility to become familiar with the terms of use for Wikimedia Cloud Services and Policies of Toolforge. On this page, you will find information and links to pages with detailed information about these policies.

Cloud Services

Terms of Use

The purpose of Wikimedia Cloud Services is to make it easier for developers, system administrators, and other technical contributors to:

  • try out improvements to Wikimedia infrastructure, including MediaWiki;
  • run bots;
  • do analytics; and
  • create other projects related to a Wikimedia Project or to MediaWiki software development or testing.

You agree that your projects on Wikimedia Cloud Services will be related to these purposes. Consult with the Cloud Services administrators or the cloud mailing list if you would like to verify whether your project is within the scope of Wikimedia Cloud Services.

Read the entire Wikimedia Cloud Services terms of use.



As part of Wikimedia Cloud Services, Toolforge is subject to the general Cloud Services Terms of use, and is governed by its own set of additional rules.

Please read, understand, and follow the rules for participating with Toolforge.

Abandoned tool policy

The Toolforge Abandoned Tool policy helps to protect Wikimedia wikis from loss of a useful tool. It defines processes for:

  • Requesting to be added as co-maintainer of a tool which has no active maintainers (adoption)
  • Requesting removal of inactive maintainers in a tool they have adopted (usurpation)

Please read and understand the Toolforge abandoned tool policy.

Right to fork policy

The Toolforge right to fork policy helps to protect Wikimedia wikis from loss of a useful tool. It guarantees the right to fork an existing tool project by developers who are interested in extending and maintaining it after the original developers have lost interest. The Terms of Use for Toolforge hosting require that all tools must be Open Source and Open Data. These requirements are consistent with the Wikimedia movement's commitment to the right to fork and the licenses under which MediaWiki and the Wikimedia movement's content are distributed.

Please read and understand the Toolforge right to fork policy.

Standards committee

The Toolforge Standards Committee is a group of Wikimedia volunteers who review, approve, and facilitate access requests for the source code of Toolforge hosted tools and adoption and usurpation of abandoned tools.

Learn more about the Toolforge Standards Committee.

Best practices for developing

Review these best practices for developing successful tools.