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Citoid is a stateless node service on the SCB cluster. It processes HTTP requests containing a URL or ISBN number by retrieving citation information from external sources with help from a local XULrunner-based Zotero server. It responds with a JSON structure containing the citation information.


Deployment is currently using Scap3.

# on tin 
cd /srv/deployment/citoid/deploy/
git pull && git submodule update --init
scap deploy



These are example queries you can use to verify whether citoid basically works:

This request will query zotero:

curl 'http://localhost:1970/api?format=mediawiki&'

This request will let citoid make the request itself:

curl 'http://localhost:1970/api?format=mediawiki&'


By default, the service listens on port 1970. Example request:

curl -XPOST -d'format=mediawiki&url=' http://sca1001:1970/url


/srv/log/citoid/main.log on each node.


The SCB cluster is load balanced through LVS. The failure of an individual node does not affect the availability of the service.

Restarting a node

service citoid restart

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