Deployments/Inclusion criteria

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The general outline of changes that require scheduling on the Deployments calendar.

Anything that could make the cluster fall over
  • Database schema changes
    • Any change altering the databases schema must be asked on the schema changes page prior to deployment.
  • Backend/underlying software updates (e.g. PHP, HHVM, MariaDB, etc.)
  • Data-center changes (e.g. new DC coming online or datacenter going offline)
Any notable production code change
  • Out-of-sequence MediaWiki and extension code updates (including wikitech)
  • BetaFeatures
    • Anything going into BetaFeatures (new features for users)
    • Anything going out of BetaFeatures (i.e. will now be user-default, or included in User Preferences)
  • Adding a new extension (either cluster-wide or per wiki)
  • Anything which introduces a new cookie (or renames an existing one)
  • Big default behavior changes
Anything requiring an outage/read-only
  • Including on a per-wiki basis, like database shard migrations
Anything with a high touch need/likelihood of breakage
  • e.g. changes to deployment system
  • changes that affect load characteristics substantially or in unknown ways, e.g. performance
  • this section is informed by past breakages, as well