MediaWiki UDP logging

From Wikitech

All of the MediaWiki error logs should now be configured to be sent to udp://[log_name]. On the relevant host, udp2log is installed (from udplog in svn). It runs in a root screen, with no command-line parameters. On the MediaWiki side, logging is configured via the global $wmgUdp2logDest.

All logs are sent to /home/wikipedia/logs/[log_name].log . They are rotated daily to /home/wikipedia/logs/archive with 180 days kept, as per the defacto privacy policy.

Configuration files are as follows:


flush pipe 1 python /usr/local/bin/
flush file 1 /home/wikipedia/logs/everything.log


/home/wikipedia/logs/*.log {
	olddir /home/wikipedia/logs/archive
	maxage 180
	rotate 1000
		/usr/bin/killall -HUP udp2log


Copied from svn with the base directory changed to /home/wikipedia/logs.