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The Toolforge monthly meeting is a one-hour engineering-focused meeting to discuss the current state and the future plans of Toolforge, to unblock some decisions or to get everyone on the same page. It is currently held on the second Tuesday of every month at 17:00 CET.

The first Toolforge monthly meeting was held in November 2022, and there had been several informal Toolforge-specific meetings from time to time before that. During its history, the meeting has also been known as the Toolforge council meeting or the Toolforge workgroup meeting. The Toolforge workgroup name is now sometimes used to refer to the bi-weekly check-in meeting held by the Cloud Services team staff who regularly work on the Toolforge project.

This meeting is meant to be open in nature:

Next meeting agenda

The next meeting is planned for 2024-07-09.

  • Toolforge KR6.3.1: Sustainability scoring brainstorm
    • What makes the lives of toolforge admins difficult?
      • Of these things, which ones do you think have a direct impact on the community? (tool maintainers and end-users of tools)
      • Which of these things are actionable by us as a team, and which aren’t?
    • If you could snap your fingers and instantly get ONE thing that would make your life as an admin easier what would it be?
    • Ideas for gathering input from the wider admin group
    • Who should be included in this group?
    • Communication channels?
  • <add your points here>

You can find the live meeting notes here (they will be moved to the wiki pages below).

Former meeting minutes

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