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This page contains a list of known labels used in the Toolforge Kubernetes cluster.

There is an upstream guide on how to use labels: https://kubernetes.io/docs/concepts/overview/working-with-objects/common-labels/

kubernetes labels
Object Label Values Set by Read by Comments
Pod toolforge "tool" webservice & toolforge-jobs-api volume-admission-controller, envvars-admission-controller Used by the volume admission controller to mount the tool home in the pod (unless disabled via toolforge.org/mount-storage). Used by the envvars admission controller to inject the envvars into the pod.
toolforge.org/mount-storage "all" (default), "none" webservice & toolforge-jobs-api volume-admission-controller If the pod should have NFS volumes mounted or not
jobs.toolforge.org/filelog "yes" toolforge-jobs-api toolforge-jobs-api if a given job should create log files
jobs.toolforge.org/emails "all", "onfinish", "onfailure" toolforge-jobs-api toolforge-jobs-api & toolforge-jobs-emailer if a given job should produce emails
Node kubernetes.wmcloud.org/nfs-mounted "true" puppet kube-scheduler if this node has access to NFS volumes
kubernetes.io/role "ingressgen2" manually kube-scheduler if this node is dedicated for ingress-nginx usage