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Portal:Toolforge/Admin/Monthly meeting/2024-05-14

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David presents ‘Toolforge high view’

  • Anything on the diagram not connected to another box can be worked on async
  • Arturo suggests that we publish the consolidated API definition asap
    • We don’t have authentication yet (sort of)
      • Auth via certificates sort of works but isn’t very portable
    • (debate ensues about releasing APIs now vs solidifying plans so we don’t have to announce and wait to make changes)
  • Andrew requests that release points be added to the plan so we can get some sort of push-to-deploy product out soon
  • Arturo asks about current push-to-deploy auth
    • Web hook w/token that bypasses the ssl cert
    • API call to create web hook which generates the token
  • (side discussion about benefits and risks of having a project manager – sounds like it isn’t happening anytime soon anyway)
  • Trove may never be reliable enough to use as a first class dbaas solution. K8s might have provide a better solution in the long run, or self-managed things in persistent volumes.

Hackathon recap

  • Some positive feedback about the k8s migration from a traditionally grumpy user
  • No real outages or bottlenecks during the hackathon, users got what they needed

Can we stop requiring manual new toolforge account approval?

  • Taavi says, not until there’s better visibility on what tools are doing
  • Everyone wants this anyway
  • We can partially audit via what buildpacks people are using
  • Arturo says: there’s real DOS danger with people overwhelming e.g. maintainkubeusers

Action items