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This is a very short non-exhaustive summary of the main ideas to improve toolforge (from the whole team and users) and how they depend on each other.

Some are being actively worked on, some are planned, and some are just ideas for now, but the aim is to give a sense of direction and dependence between them.

Main ideas:

  • Everything in APIs (webservice + jobs + builds + ...)
  • Push to deploy
  • Multi-component tools
  • Public API access
  • Toolforge UI (through API)
  • Storage as a service
    • S3/buckets
    • PVCs in k8s (rbd/NFS/...)
  • Database as a service
    • Trove
    • With PVCs they might be replaced by a continuous job + volume?
  • Logs as a service
  • Alerts as a service (metricsinfra)
  • Graphs as a service (grafana)