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Cloud Services news and major change announcements

Current announcements

Toolforge Grid Engine Deprecation
Toolforge Grid Engine is being deprecated in preparation of shutting down

Recently completed

Stretch deprecation
Debian Stretch is being removed from Cloud VPS.
Toolforge Stretch deprecation
Hosts running Debian Stretch (9.x) as an operating system are being removed from the Toolforge infrastructure.
Cloud VPS 2021 Purge
We are asking project members to claim their active Cloud VPS projects and also explicitly tell us about projects that are no longer needed.
Database as a Service in Cloud VPS
Horizon now provides a web interface for creating and managing database servers, databases, and database users.
Wiki Replicas 2020 Redesign
Wiki Replicas' architecture is being redesigned for stability and performance. Cross database JOINs will not be available and a connection will only allow querying its associated DB.
HTTPS enforcement at shared proxy
TLS encryption enforced via redirect at domain proxy service