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Cloud Services news and major change announcements

Current announcements

Toolforge Grid Engine Deprecation
Toolforge Grid Engine is being deprecated in preparation of shutting down

Recently completed

Cloud VPS 2022 Purge
We are asking project members to claim their active Cloud VPS projects and also explicitly tell us about projects that are no longer needed.
2023 ToolsDB upgrade
ToolsDB is now running MariaDB 10.4, and is using Ceph-based storage
Stretch deprecation
Debian Stretch is being removed from Cloud VPS.
Toolforge Stretch deprecation
Hosts running Debian Stretch (9.x) as an operating system are being removed from the Toolforge infrastructure.
Database as a Service in Cloud VPS
Horizon now provides a web interface for creating and managing database servers, databases, and database users.


Communication and support

Support and administration of the WMCS resources is provided by the Wikimedia Foundation Cloud Services team and Wikimedia Movement volunteers. Please reach out with questions and join the conversation:

Discuss and receive general support
Receive mail announcements about critical changes
Subscribe to the cloud-announce@ mailing list (all messages are also mirrored to the cloud@ list)
Track work tasks and report bugs
Use a subproject of the #Cloud-Services Phabricator project to track confirmed bug reports and feature requests about the Cloud Services infrastructure itself
Learn about major near-term plans
Read the News wiki page
Read news and stories about Wikimedia Cloud Services
Read the Cloud Services Blog (for the broader Wikimedia movement, see the Wikimedia Technical Blog)