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Service Phabricator Tag Category Alerts
PAWS paws Tools
Quarry quarry Tools
Toolhub toolhub Tools
Striker striker Tools
OpenStack Browser Tools
Toolforge (grid engine) toolforge Platform Services
Toolforge (k8s) toolforge Platform Services
Toolforge Jobs Service Platform Services
Toolforge Build Service tbs Platform Services
Toolsdb (Db-as-a-service) Managed Service
Cinder (storage-as-a-service) Managed Service
Trove (Db-as-a-service) Managed Service
Magnum (k8s-as-a-service) Managed Service
Nova (VM-as-a-service) Managed Service
Designate (DNS-as-a-service) Managed Service
Horizon Managed Service
Puppet/nova integration + Horizon UI Managed Service
Nova proxy service Managed Service
VM backups Managed Service
Cinder Backups Managed Service
Openstack Foundational infrastructure
metricsinfra Foundational infrastructure
cloudmetrics Foundational infrastructure
Ceph Foundational infrastructure
read/write NFS Foundational infrastructure
Kubernetes Foundational infrastructure