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Service AKA Phabricator Tag Category Admin docs Alerts Support level
PAWS paws Tool 3/3 stars
Quarry quarry Tool 1/3 stars
Superset Tool 1/3 stars
Toolhub toolhub Tool 3/3 stars
Toolsadmin Striker striker Tool 3/3 stars
OpenStack Browser Tool Tool:Openstack-browser 2/3 stars
Toolforge (k8s) toolforge Platform Service 3/3 stars
Toolforge Jobs Service toolforge Platform Service 3/3 stars
Toolforge Envvars Service toolforge Platform Service 3/3 stars
Toolforge Build Service toolforge Platform Service 3/3 stars
Toolsdb (Db-as-a-service) Managed Service 3/3 stars
Volumes (storage-as-a-service) OpenStack Cinder Managed Service 3/3 stars
Databases (Db-as-a-service) OpenStack Trove Managed Service Portal:Cloud VPS/Admin/Trove 2/3 stars
Kubernetes (k8s-as-a-service) OpenStack Magnum Managed Service Portal:Cloud VPS/Admin/Magnum 1/3 stars
Compute (VM-as-a-service) OpenStack Nova Managed Service 3/3 stars
DNS (DNS-as-a-service) OpenStack Designate Managed Service Portal:Cloud VPS/Admin/DNSPortal:Cloud VPS/Admin/DNS/Designate 3/3 stars
Cloud Dashboards OpenStack Horizon Managed Service Portal:Cloud VPS/Admin/Horizon 3/3 stars
Puppet/nova integration + Horizon UI Managed Service 3/3 stars
Nova proxy service Managed Service 3/3 stars
VM backups Managed Service Portal:Cloud VPS/Admin/Instance backups 2/3 stars
Cinder Backups Managed Service 1/3 stars
Openstack Foundational infrastructure 3/3 stars
metricsinfra Foundational infrastructure 2/3 stars
cloudmetrics Foundational infrastructure 1/3 stars
Ceph Foundational infrastructure Portal:Cloud VPS/Admin/Ceph 3/3 stars
read/write NFS Foundational infrastructure 3/3 stars

Support levels

3/3 stars Fully supported. These services should be working and available to users at all times; any downtime will be publicly announced and documented. Users can rely on these services as reliable, long-term foundations for their work.

2/3 stars Partial support. Service should be useful for some use cases and running most of the time but some features may be broken or consciously neglected. Outages will be tracked but not necessarily addressed immediately. Approach with caution when relying on these services for major projects.

1/3 stars Little staff support. Service may be experimental, a work in progress, volunteer-maintained, or in the process of being phased out. Outages may be ignored entirely. Do not rely on stability of these services for your work.

All WMCS projects are held to a 'best effort' standard. We do not guarantee particular uptime metrics, and even urgent work will not take priority over sleep, crying babies, meals, etc.