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Toolforge tools
Description A 404 Not Found handler for Toolforge
Keywords python3, flask
Author(s) BryanDavis
Maintainer(s) BryanDavis (View all)
Source code gitlab:toolforge-repos/fourohfour
License GNU General Public License 3.0 or later
Admin log Tools.fourohfour/SAL

Fourohfour is a Python3 Flask application which is used as the "default route" for requests to the Toolforge Kubernetes cluster. The application reproduces logic which was historically implemented by the "admin" tool. It attempts to extract a tool account name from the requested URL and display useful information to the visitor about how to contact the tool's maintainers and also possible typos if the tool name is not registered at all.


The application is a mostly normal Toolforge webservice. The replica count may be increased from the default of 1 if the last person to fully stop and start the deployment remembered to do so. Restarts should be done carefully (TODO how?) as the tool receives a relatively large amount of traffic.