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phab:T306039 - Decision request - Toolforge external infrastructure domain usage

  • We have some services that need to be accessed externally, and we did not have a convention for those, the proposal is `svc.toolforge.org`
    • Approved as proposed
  • Bryan has reserved the tool name in 2019
  • Nova proxy will support select subdomains (pre-determined, not user-specified)

phab:T314664 Two days to grid engine shut down

  • Komla: copypatrol has migrated using python2, still a few tools, and most of the rest are non-responsive, good to go
  • The grid deprecation tool is not working as expected, but we will defer fixing it (until it's not needed xd)
  • Toolschecker grid stuff is already gone? -yes \o/

Jobs api refactor

  • At a high level, separate the frontend that users interact with from the backend that interacts with Kubernetes primitives such that k8s details do not leak out to the frontend.
    • Our "continuous job" can then map to more than a single k8s object
    • Allow keeping our metadata separate from k8s metadata in the sense that we won't have to force everything we store into the abstractions allowed by k8s
  • AB: we should look at https://www.crossplane.io/ as a potential way to make the custom storage be a k8s CRD
    • https://www.crossplane.io/why-control-planes explains a bit about how this approach can leverage built-in k8s operations for reconciliation

Action items

  • Taavi to close decision request task and implement required novaproxy support
  • Taavi to shut down the grid as originally planned