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Toolforge Workgroup


The Toolforge Workgroup is a focused workgroup to tackle both the maintenance and evolution of the Toolforge service itself.

It's formed by some WMCS team members (as of writing this), but any volunteer is welcome to participate. Note that you are expected to exclusively dedicate some time to it and to attend the sync meetings. For smaller contributions feel free to contact us on irc or phabricator and we can help you something to work on or just go ahead and pick whichever task you want to tackle.


We started a workgroup for the Toolforge Build Service that worked pretty well, and at the same time, we started having toolforge admins periodical meetings to sync between ourselves.

Some time after, the Build Service evolved and it started needing and affecting more and more other Toolforge components, to the point that it was not about just the Build Service anymore. At that point we decided to widen the scope of the workgroup to the whole of Toolforge.

There's still the need to discuss and communicate between Toolforge admins what are the next steps and changes needed for Toolforge, so the toolforge admins periodical meetings will still happen, but there will be now a group of people coordinating to plan and implement the outcomes (this effort).

Communication and support

Support and administration of the WMCS resources is provided by the Wikimedia Foundation Cloud Services team and Wikimedia movement volunteers. Please reach out with questions and join the conversation:

Discuss and receive general support
Stay aware of critical changes and plans
Track work tasks and report bugs

Use a subproject of the #Cloud-Services Phabricator project to track confirmed bug reports and feature requests about the Cloud Services infrastructure itself

Read stories and WMCS blog posts

Read the Cloud Services Blog (for the broader Wikimedia movement, see the Wikimedia Technical Blog)