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Toolforge Workgroup


Reports include both decision records and progress reports on the implementation of Toolforge and related projects. These reports are intended to keep team members and interested community members updated on progress of the project.

Decision records


Progress reports

Read the latest sync meeting notes.


  • 2023-10-10: Beta is almost there, keep on working on stats and operationalization, and start thinking on the action plan for the toolforge (re)architecture decision request.
  • 2023-09-26: Focus on getting statistics from the APIs, and fixing the local development environment
  • 2023-09-13: Focus on the beta rollout, improve user experience and add metrics to the services
  • 2023-08-29: Focus on the second beta rollout, database credentials on envvars and harbor stability
  • 2023-08-08: Focus on getting the database credentials on the envvars service to do the second beta rollout


  • 2022-09-27: We started working on the Toolforge Build Service [beta] project!

Communication and support

Support and administration of the WMCS resources is provided by the Wikimedia Foundation Cloud Services team and Wikimedia movement volunteers. Please reach out with questions and join the conversation:

Discuss and receive general support
Stay aware of critical changes and plans
Track work tasks and report bugs

Use a subproject of the #Cloud-Services Phabricator project to track confirmed bug reports and feature requests about the Cloud Services infrastructure itself

Read stories and WMCS blog posts

Read the Cloud Services Blog (for the broader Wikimedia movement, see the Wikimedia Technical Blog)