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A Cloud VPS project is the basic unit of organization in the Cloud VPS OpenStack environment. The use of the term "project" comes from the upstream documentation of OpenStack.

A Cloud VPS project is:

  • a group of zero or more users
  • the owner of a 'quota' for the maximum amount of CPU, RAM, and disk storage that can be used to create virtual machine instances
  • the owner of virtual machine instances
  • the owner of other configuration related to virtual machine instances such as sudo rules, Puppet configuration, and DNS entries.

Finding existing projects

A listing of all Cloud VPS projects is available at

Requesting a new project

See the Cloud-VPS (Project-requests) Phabricator project for instructions.

Use of Toolforge may be suggested rather than a Cloud VPS project if the planned work fits the workflow and resource availability of Toolforge. Many bots and webservices can be hosted on Toolforge at a lower maintenance cost for the tool maintainer and with less dedicated resource consumption than a stand alone project.

Guidelines for project requests

All project requests will be reviewed by Cloud Services administrators to determine if the requested computing resources are likely to be used well by the project and benefit the Wikimedia movement. The majority of project requests are approved, but there are some things which will cause further discussion:

  • projects with a broad scope, such as all the work to be done by an engineering team or a large problem space
  • intentionally limiting membership to a closed group
  • 'laptop in the cloud' projects for a single individual to use as a personal development machine

Projects with a broad scope have historically been difficult to clean up due to poor tracking of 'ownership' of individual instances. Similarly projects named for and used exclusively by Wikimedia Foundation or affiliate organization engineering teams become confusing following organizational changes which rename or disband the teams. Projects for use by single individuals raise a problem of fairness. The Cloud VPS environment is not large enough to provide dedicated resources for every Wikimedia technical contributor.

Managing a project

Project management is done using the web interface at