Help:Cloud VPS user roles and rights

This page contains information about Wikimedia Cloud VPS user roles and rights.

Accounts you will need

In order to perform many of the tasks related to this wiki and Cloud Services projects, you will need to sign up for both of the following accounts.

Account Type Description Where to sign up
Wikimedia account Wikimedia single user login (SUL) account allows you to log into general wikis like Wikipedia, MediaWiki, and MetaWiki Create Wikimedia account
Wikimedia developer account Wikimedia developer account allows you to log into Wikitech, Phabricator, Gerrit and other developer tools. Create Wikimedia developer account

Users and permissions

Permission Logged-in users Project viewer[note 1] Project member[note 2] Cloud admins
Add and manage your public SSH keys X X X X
SSH to project instances X X X
Manage project membership and user roles X X
Create or manage instances X X
Allocate and associate public IP addresses, and add public DNS entries to instances X X
Manage security groups and rules X X
Manage available puppet classes and variables X X
Manage sudo policies X X
Create/delete Cloud VPS projects X
Create and manage DNS domains X


  1. Formerly known as members
  2. Formerly known as project admins

Gaining specific permissions

The following people can grant Project viewer or member rights:

  • Project members. Project members can grant access on projects they are members of. You can find Project members listed on the individual pages for their projects.
  • Cloud VPS admins. Cloud admins, including Wikimedia Cloud Services staff and trusted community volunteers, can manage membership and Project admin status in any project.

Communication and support

Support and administration of the WMCS resources is provided by the Wikimedia Foundation Cloud Services team and Wikimedia Movement volunteers. Please reach out with questions and join the conversation:

Discuss and receive general support
Receive mail announcements about critical changes
Subscribe to the cloud-announce@ mailing list (all messages are also mirrored to the cloud@ list)
Track work tasks and report bugs
Use a subproject of the #Cloud-Services Phabricator project to track confirmed bug reports and feature requests about the Cloud Services infrastructure itself
Learn about major near-term plans
Read the News wiki page
Read news and stories about Wikimedia Cloud Services
Read the Cloud Services Blog (for the broader Wikimedia movement, see the Wikimedia Technical Blog)