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Portal:Cloud VPS/Admin/Runbooks/TooManyCloudnetsDown

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The procedures in this runbook require admin permissions to complete.

Error / Incident

All the cloudnet nodes are down in the system.

Cloudnet nodes are the ones acting as routers and setup networks for the virtual machines.

When they go down all the VMs stop having network access and new VMs are unable to boot correctly.


This might be the result of an ongoing intervention gone wrong, so first try to communicate with the rest of the team and look for any ongoing actions:

  • Ask on irc (#wikimedia-cloud-admin) if someone is taking any action and forgot about it
  • Check SAL (or sal.toolforge.org) for host being rebooted/taken down
  • Check Netbox to make sure the host is not being decommed or network changes were not applied
  • Check puppet for recent changes that might have affected the node

Then you can continue trying to figure out why the hosts are going down and not coming back up:

Might be interesting also to run the network tests:

Common issues

Add here any issues you encounter.

Check also Portal:Cloud_VPS/Admin/Troubleshooting#Networking_failures

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