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The procedures in this runbook require admin permissions to complete.

Error / Incident

This alert means that our tofu tests failed to apply, this is, create all the resources.

We run the tofu tests from the machine tf-bastion.tf-infra-test.eqiad1.wikimedia.cloud, that regularly try to apply (create) and then destroy a collection of resources on cloud vps.


ssh to the tf-bastion.tf-infra-test.eqiad1.wikimedia.cloud and try running the creation manually, that will give you more logs.

NOTE: if you are not member of the project, you can try sshing as root, or using the console cookbook (wmcs.openstack.cloudvirt.vm_console).

dcaro@urcuchillay$ ssh tf-bastion.tf-infra-test.eqiad1.wikimedia.cloud
dcaro@tf-bastion$ sudo -i
root@tf-bastion:~# cd tf-infra-test/                                                           
root@tf-bastion:~/tf-infra-test# tofu apply -var datacenter=eqiad1
data.openstack_images_image_v2.debian: Reading...                                              
Do you want to perform these actions?
  OpenTofu will perform the actions described above.
  Only 'yes' will be accepted to approve.

  Enter a value: yes

If you know which resource failed, you can try also applying that specific resource like this:

root@tf-bastion:~/tf-infra-test# tofu apply -var datacenter=eqiad1 --target=openstack_db_instance_v1.postgresql

Common issues

Add here any new common issues you find.

Quota errors when creating the trove databases

There's several quotas attached to trove databases:

  • Project database quotas
  • Trove's regular quotas

It might be that you are hitting your own project's database quotas or torve is hitting it's own.

Quota usage and requests out of sync

It happened once that the quota that trove registers as 'requested' and the one it registers as 'used' get out of sync, it seems that the requests get lost somehow and it does not decrease the 'requested' counter.

You'll see that as a regular quota error, to debug and fix see Portal:Cloud_VPS/Admin/Trove#Reserved_quota_does_not_go_down.

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