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This page describes the essential bits for people with shell access to Beta Cluster.


If you are setting up a new instance, remember that Beta Cluster has its own puppet master. See Help:Standalone puppetmaster for more details.

If you are deleting an instance, follow the Decommission an instance checklist.

Beta instance types
Prefix Usage
deployment-acme-chief Acme-chief active/passive
deployment-cache-text Caching text, should be deployment-cp
deployment-cache-upload Caching media, should be deployment-cp
deployment-cumin cumin
deployment-db Databases
deployment-deploy Scap, active/passive
deployment-docker Services in docker, maybe k8s in the future
deployment-echostore Services in docker + Cassandra
deployment-elastic Search
deployment-etcd Etcd
deployment-eventgate Services?
deployment-eventlog Services?
deployment-eventstreams Services?
deployment-imagescaler Thumbor
deployment-ircd IRC RC relay
deployment-jobrunner MediaWiki jobs based on changeprop
deployment-kafka-jumbo ??
deployment-kafka-main ??
deployment-logstash Logstash
deployment-maps Maps
deployment-mdb Services
deployment-mediawiki MediaWiki
deployment-memc Memcached + sessions redis
deployment-ms-be Swift backend
deployment-ms-fe Swift frontend,
deployment-mwlog Log files
deployment-mwmaint MediaWiki maintenance scripts
deployment-mx Outgoing mail
deployment-ores ORES
deployment-parsoid Parsoid
deployment-poolcounter Poolcounter
deployment-prometheus Prometheus
deployment-puppetdb Puppet PuppetDB
deployment-puppetmaster Puppet master
deployment-push-notifications Services?
deployment-restbase Restbase with Cassandra
deployment-rdb Redis (equivalent of redis_misc in production, used for locks)
deployment-schema Services?
deployment-sessionstore Services with Cassandra
deployment-snapshot Dumps
deployment-urldownloader url-downloader
deployment-wdqs WDQS
deployment-webperf services?
deployment-wikifeeds services?
deployment-wpt services?
deployment-xhgui services?
deployment-zookeeper services?

Always log all stuff to SAL by posting !log message in #wikimedia-releng connect!