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In case you have shell access to labs please read this.

Icinga Overview



  • deployment-apacheXX : apaches, only ssh there in order to reload apache
  • deployment-cache-XXX : squid caches, where XXX is a role, each one should have a different public IP address
    • deployment-cache-bits : to emulate
    • deployment-cache-uploadXX : upload squid
  • deployment-tin : this is instance you want to ssh to, contains all stuff you need and all maintenance should be done there, even apache configs are here. Rough equivalent to tin in production
  • deployment-fluorine : host udp2log, the Mediawiki log receiver. No need to log there, logs are shared in /home/wikipedia/logs
  • deployment-videoscalerXX  : box which should do the video resizing
  • deployment-jobrunnerXX : boxes running MediaWiki asynchronous jobs. No web hits. Logs in shared /home/wikipedia/logs/runJobs.log
  • deployment-logstash1 : Logstash log aggregator
  • deployment-memcXX : memcached
  • deployment-pdf01 : PDF rendering
  • deployment-salt : Local Salt master and Puppet master
  • deployment-dbX : main sql server, isn't necessary to ever ssh there, unless you do dba stuff, or mysql is down


Configuration lives in /usr/local/apache/common/wmf-config - this is a shared directory

/usr/local/apache/common is a git repository, please commit all stuff you change

Always log all stuff to SAL!