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Project Name deployment-prep
Details openstack-browser

Beta Cluster


This project, primarily known as the Beta Cluster aims to provide a staging area that closely resembles the Wikimedia production environment. It runs MediaWiki and extensions from their master branch, allowing developers and power users to test new code before it goes live on Wikimedia websites.


Full-stack integration testing of MediaWiki and extensions

Anticipated traffic level

more than 1000 hits per day

Anticipated time span


Project status

currently running

Contact address

Willing to take contributors or not


Subject area narrow or broad


This page is a launching pad for anyone who wants to figure out how this cluster is configured.

Edit documentation

Server admin log


  • 18:47 andrewbogott: root@deployment-salt02:~# salt "*" "apt-get -y install facter"


  • 19:05 mutante: fixing role class config on deployment-phab* (remove role::phabricator::main, add role::phabricator_server in context prefix "deployment-phab. remove again from instance level for phab-01
  • 18:40 mutante: deployment-phab01 still has puppet error "Could not find class role::phabricator::main" and that should simply be removed from it, but i can NOT find it in Horizon, i checked instance config, project... (more)