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The ORES infrastructure is being deprecated in favor of Machine Learning/LiftWing, as described in Machine_Learning/Modernization. The Machine Learning team has the following high level timeline:

  1. Deploy all ORES/Revscoring models on Lift Wing.
    • Please check Machine Learning/LiftWing/Usage about how to query the new models (from the internal WMF network, from the outside Internet and from the Wikimedia Cloud Infra.
    • All ORES models are currently being served by Lift Wing!
  2. Build a Kubernetes service called ores-legacy, that offers the same interface as https://ores.wikimedia.org/ but that calls Lift Wing in the background. We will eventually move https://ores.wikimedia.org/ to ores-legacy, so users that have not yet migrated will not see any disruption in their service dependencies.
  3. Move the ORES Mediawiki Extension to Lift Wing (same interface and configuration but different backend called).
  4. Migrate all clients to the Lift Wing API. This is a long term process, and it will likely take several months.

If you are a bot owner, or if you have a service that depends on ORES and you have concerns / doubts / questions, we invite you to:

  • Read the docs in Machine Learning/LiftWing/Usage#Differences using Lift Wing instead of ORES to get the main differences between ORES and Lift Wing.
  • Create a Phabricator task with the Machine-Learning-Team label to start a conversation with us, hopefully we'll be able to help in making your transition to Lift Wing easy and smooth!
  • Ping us in the #wikimedia-ml IRC channel on Libera.

See also mw:ORES.

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