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Wikilabels is one of stand-alone services that is being used gather data from users to build AI models for ORES and it's being maintained by Wikimedia Scoring Platform team. It's currently hosted on Nova_Resource:wikilabels (Cloud VPS)

Technical details

  • There are several instances:
    • The main node and uses Postgresql (db1004.eqiad.wmnet) to work. It's accessible from
    • The staging node, uses similar setup and accessible from
    • The do tests and funny stuff. Accessible from
    • The nodes that keeps daily database backups of the main node. Accessible from

Initialize a VM

From your local laptop/workstation, checkout the deploy repository and make sure that you can ssh to the target cloud VPS instance. Then create a Python venv and install fabric3. This will allow you to do the following:

fab initialize_server:hosts=""

You also need to place OAuth keys in a specific file (a random key is good):

elukey@wikilabels-03:~$ cat /srv/wikilabels/config/config/99-oauth.yaml
# These creditials are intended to be used when testing the local, development
# version of Wiki Labels.  Do not use these credentials in a production
# environment.  They will redirect users to localhost:8080 expecting to find
# Wiki Labels there.
  key: xxx
  secret: xxxx

You'll also need to create a file named 98-database.yaml with the following content:

# These credentials are intended to be used on  They are
# sensitive and should never be commited to a public repository.
  user: u_wikilabels
  dbname: u_wikilabels
  password: REDACTED

Deployment guide

After things getting merged in the main repo. You need to update the deploy repo.

cd wikilabels-wmflabs-deploy/
git pull
cd submodules/wikilabels
git pull
cd ../..
git add wikilabels
git commit

Then write something like "Bumping wikilabels to HEAD"

git push
fab stage

Now it's in the staging node. log it (using !log wikilabels in #wikimedia-cloud channel in IRC) Test it and if it works fine move to prod

git checkout deploy
git rebase origin/master
git push -f origin deploy
fab deploy

And log it!

A new labeling campaign

You need to first introduce a new campaign:

$ ssh
ladsgroup@wikilabels-02$ cd /srv/wikilabels/config
ladsgroup@wikilabels-02:/srv/wikilabels/config$ sudo -u www-data /srv/wikilabels/venv/bin/wikilabels new_campaign wikidatawiki "Edit quality (5k, 2018)" damaging_and_goodfaith DiffToPrevious 1 50
{'form': 'damaging_and_goodfaith', 'id': 38, 'view': 'DiffToPrevious', 'active': True, 'name': 'Edit quality (5k, 2018)', 'tasks_per_assignment': 50, 'labels_per_task': 1, 'wiki': 'wikidatawiki', 'info_url': None, 'created': datetime.datetime(2018, 7, 11, 13, 39, 54, 282569)}

Note the id (38 in this case). And now you need to load the data into the campaign. Download the file in the home directory:

ladsgroup@wikilabels-03:/srv/wikilabels/config$ less ~/ | sudo -u www-data ../venv/bin/wikilabels task_inserts 38

Restarting the service

Any time the connection PostgreSQL is broken, we need to restart the wikilabels service:

service uwsgi-wikilabels-web restart


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