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This page describes a complex and advanced use of Toolforge. It is not a recommended best practice and is not officially supported by the Toolforge administration team.


This page is intended for advanced users. The processes described are not officially supported by the Toolforge adminstrative team.

Installing packages versions using fakechroot

To install a different package version, any other missing package, different Debian version or even a different Linux distribution you can use fakechroot environment.

You can create your fakechroot environment in my_env folder using:

$ fakechroot
(fakechroot) $ fakeroot
(fakeroot) $ /usr/sbin/debootstrap --variant=fakechroot stretch my_env

This will install package manager, some basic tools, commands and prerequisites, everything into your new fakechroot unit.

Once you created one, let's use it and play with it:

(fakeroot) $ chroot my_env

(chroot) $ apt install ffmpeg

Once you are happy with it, you can always leave using:

(chroot) $ exit
(fakeroot) $ exit
(fakechroot) $ exit

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