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Note on strike-outs: Puppet and its frameworks relate to SRE/operations, not deployment; scap is being phased out in favor of helm

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Statement of work quick look

  • Create a developer portal [1] under for the deployment pipeline
  • Create a "quick start" guide about creation and introduction of new services in the Deployment Pipeline
  • Improve the Deployment Pipeline “quick start guide” the point where new users of the pipeline are able to create a new service and introduce it to the deployment pipeline
  • Perform a dummy service walkthrough (from a new-user perspective) to find documentation gaps, and address them
    • This may involve helping to create a walk-through/recipe template that can be reused as a standard design for future documentation
  • Populate the portal with documentation about the various Deployment Pipeline components and how they are to be used
  • Improve and organize existing technical documentation following the standards of the Mediawiki technical documentation style guide
  • Coordinate with ongoing reorganization of Wikitech technical documentation to support a cohesive, consistent user experience throughout