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Marty Hernandez Avedon (he/they), Technical Writer and Contributor

At Wikipedia Day 2019, in Manhattan (front, far left).

I'm a writer and software developer from New York City. I've worked as a contractor for the Foundation. I also occasionally volunteer on the English Wikipedia, doing copy edits.

My current project involves improving documentation for the deployment pipeline. Earlier in 2019, I interned on a project to improve the Action API docs. In 2018, I apprenticed at Microsoft, on Azure team. Prior to coding, I used to write short web articles and do print design for local businesses and nonprofits.

Local time

-4 UTC (EDT), click through for exact time at my location

Project description

Improvements to documentation describing the deployment pipeline

In collaboration with staff on the SRE and developer advocate teams, I will be assisting in improvements to the current deployment pipeline documentation.

Important dates

Start: 18 April 2019

Attending Write the Docs Conference: 17-21 May 2019

End: 1 July 2019

Work log

Week Dates Summary
01 18–20 April Requested & received developer account for Wikitech; created user page; gathered doc resources; contacted Sarah & Mark for collaboration; started readings from Resource page. Note: Foundation holiday for Easter weekend.
02 21–27 April Continued readings; contacted Alexandros; spoke with Sarah, Andre and Evan about overall plans for Wiki portal redesigns; spoke with Alexandros about pipeline; arranged to meet with Sarah next week about portal; reviewed Blubber portal for what works/what doesn't; started sketching out ideas for a portal with a similar structure; brainstormed user stories relating to the portal.
03 28 April–04 May Refined user stories and updated with links to relevant content; reorganized user stories page, added rough TOC, and requested input; spoke to Sarah about coordinating with the Toolforge portal; tagged how-to's that were missing from Category:How-To; started portal page with basic template.
04 05–11 May Continued fiddling with user portal draft TOC; updated How-To page with more deployment-related articles; created Tools page with brief rundown and links; created History page; updated Helm; made inquiry about deleting subpages
05 12 May–18 May Planning & attending Write the Docs
06 19 May–25 May Writing Day @ conference with Sarah; discussing project; setting up meetings; Memorial Day weekend
07 26 May–01 June The copyedits begin; got in touch with others working on project, particularly JForrester; discussed timeline, docs on other sites, etc.
08 02 June–08 June Finished copyedits on First Service page; Kubernetes workshop on 04 June
09 09 June–16 June Dead week due to other gig
10 17 June–

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