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Most of the information on this page has been moved to the toolforge-deploy repository.

The information in here is subject to change as we move in the direction of Wikimedia_Cloud_Services_team/EnhancementProposals/Toolforge_Kubernetes_component_workflow_improvements

In general, assume this is valid for both tools and toolsbeta.


See latest document and deploy instructions in the toolforge-deploy repository.


You can see the updated list of components and the versions for each in the toolforge-deploy repository.

Third-party components

Version information for third-party components that interact with Kubernetes.

Name Current version K8s versions supported
Calico 3.24.5 1.22 - 1.25[1]
ingress-nginx 1.4.0 (chart-4.3.0) 1.22 - 1.25[2]
kube-state-metrics 2.2.4 (chart-4.1.0) ?
metrics-server 0.6.2 (chart-3.8.3) 1.19+[3]
cadvisor 0.30.2 n/a (not a Kubernetes specific tool)
Prometheus n/a
cert-manager 1.11.0 1.21 - 1.26[4]
reloader 1.0.5 ?
Tekton Pipelines 0.33.2 1.20+[5]


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