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This is the run book for deploying and monitoring webperf-processor services.


The puppet role for these services is role::webperf:processors_and_site.


The navtiming service (written in Python) extracts information for the NavigationTiming and SaveTiming schemas from EventLogging using Kafka. It submits them to Graphite via Statsd. The EventLogging data comes a JS plugin for MediaWiki (beacon js source, MediaWiki extension).


Monitor navtiming

Application logs for this service are not sent to Logstash currently.

  • Ssh to the host you want to monitor.
  • Run sudo journalctl -u navtiming -f -n100

Deploy navtiming

This service runs on the webperf*1 hosts.

To update the service on the Beta Cluster:

  1. ssh to deployment-deploy01.deployment-prep.eqiad.wmflabs
  2. cd /srv/deployment/performance/navtiming
  3. git pull
  4. scap deploy

To deploy a change in production:

  1. Before you start, open a terminal window in which you monitor the service on a host in the currently main data center. For example, ssh to webperf1001 (if Eqiad is primary) and run sudo journalctl -u navtiming -f -n100.
  2. In another terminal window, ssh to deployment.eqiad.wmnet and navigate to /srv/deployment/performance/navtiming.
  3. Prepare the working copy:
    • Ensure the working copy is clean, git status.
    • Fetch the latest changes from Gerrit remote, git fetch origin.
    • Review the changes, git log -p HEAD..@{u}.
    • Apply the changes to the working copy, git rebase.
  4. Deploy the changes, this will automatically restarts the service afterward.
    • Run scap deploy


Written in Python.

Application logs are kept locally, and can be read via sudo journalctl -u coal.


The statsv service (written in Python) forwards data from the Kafka stream for /beacon/statsv web requests to Statsd.

Application logs are kept locally, and can be read via sudo journalctl -u statsv.


Written in Python.


This powers the site at Beta Cluster instance at