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Cloud VPS instances have a maximum storage quota based on the size of the instance. By default only 20G of the allowed quota is allocated to the instance as the / volume.

The additional space is allocated to /srv. If you already have content in /srv, it will be overwritten. Back up your content before proceeding.

Adding space as a second volume

The additional space can be added to the instance as a separate logical volume. The easiest way to do this is by enabling the role::labs::lvm::srv Puppet role:

  1. go to ;
  2. set "your project" in the project filter;
  3. find the instance you want to change the in the table below that;
  4. click on the Puppet Configuration tab to get to the Puppet management screen for that instance;
  5. in the row for labs::lvm::srv, click on the Apply Class button;
  6. in the pop-up, click on the Apply;
  7. wait for the Puppet job to run, OR connect to the instance and run sudo puppet agent --test --verbose.

After the Puppet run completes you should see a new volume mounted at /srv. The size of this volume will depend on the amount of remaining quota for your instance.

Resize root partition

See Help:Resize root partition for an explanation of how to attempt to resize the / volume for an existing instance.