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SRE/Infrastructure Foundations/Currently working on

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Welcome to our Progress Tracker!

Here, you can explore the list of tasks currently in progress by our dedicated team.

We utilize a comprehensive Dashboard that provides separate panels for each area of ownership. Within these panels, you'll find tabs representing different components, each corresponding to a specific task or project.

This organization allows us to efficiently manage and prioritize our workload.

In our streamlined workflow, most of our tickets progress swiftly from the open to the close status. However, we acknowledge that we currently lack a suitable representation for other task statuses.

In Phabricator, when story points are used in tasks they represent a rough estimate of the effort as follows:

Story points Estimated effort
0.5 1 hour
1 1 day
2 1 week
3 1 month
4 1 quarter
5 multi quarter

If you're curious about our current focus or have any specific inquiries, we encourage you to join us on our IRC channel, #wikimedia-sre-foundations.

Our team is always available to address your questions and provide updates on our ongoing initiatives.

Together, we strive to ensure the seamless functioning and reliability of Wikimedia's infrastructure.