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About IRC and Wikitech

IRC is the primary mode of instant messaging for people working with the Wikimedia Foundation servers and network, such as the Wikimedia Foundation SRE team, and for people working with them. This page documents how IRC is used by this group of people.

Why IRC?

IRC is preferred over other instant messaging protocols and software because it is an open, non-proprietary, mature, interoperable protocol supported by a variety of servers and clients, many of which are free software. Together with a logging tool, it provides all of the features required for persistent messaging.

IRC Channels in Use

For a complete list of Wikimedia channels, see m:IRC/Channels.


Winter/Spring 2019 SRE-related channels Cleanup effort

The Wikimedia Foundation SRE team would like to make the names and properties of IRC channels that the team uses to be consistent, meaningful, correctly scoped, and helpful for newcomers. See the Talk page for more information.

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