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Tool Labs (or Tools) is a hosting environment for community developers working on services that provide value to the Wikimedia and Wiki ecosystem. Tool Labs provides access to replicas of the Wikimedia databases and many other services. These services allow developers to easily do adhoc analytics, administer bots, run webservices, and generally create tools to help editors and other volunteers in their work. The infrastructure is supported by a dedicated group of Wikimedia Foundation staff and volunteers.

Using the Tools

The Tool Labs community-developed web applications are all listed at tools.wmflabs.org. There is also a smaller selection listed in more detail at Hay's Tools Directory.

Becoming a Tools Lab developer

  1. Create an account here on the Wikitech wiki.
    • Wikitech accounts have two names: the wiki username and "Instance shell account name".
      • Your wiki username and password will be used to login here on Wikitech and on Gerrit.
      • Your shell name will be used when you interact with servers via ssh and when using git with Gerrit.
  2. Fill out an access request to join the Tools project.
  3. Generate an SSH key that you will use along with your shell account name to log into the Tool Labs servers if you do not already have one.
  4. Associate your SSH public key with your Wikitech account using the Preferences > OpenStack tab.
  5. Wait for your access request for the Tools project to be processed (you should receive messages on your Wikitech talk page).

Terms of use