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Wikitech hosts technical documentation for Wikimedia Foundation infrastructure and services. To edit this wiki, you need a Wikimedia developer account. Wikitech does not use the Wikimedia Unified Login (like on Wikipedia) and does not permit editing without an account.

Wikimedia Cloud Services (WMCS) provides tools, services, and support to technical contributors who build or maintain software that helps the Wikimedia movement. For help deciding which service is right for you, see the Cloud Services introduction.

Use Toolforge to build and host tools (bots, webservices, scheduled jobs) that support wiki projects.

Analyze wiki content and data in PAWS, Quarry, and Superset, or access data services from within Cloud VPS or Toolforge.

For advanced users: administer and run your own servers on Cloud VPS, Wikimedia cloud computing infrastructure powered by OpenStack.

Wikimedia production is the servers, software, and databases that power the live Wikimedia Foundation websites. It is maintained by the Wikimedia Site Reliability Engineering team as well as other teams.

Our highly-configured deployment of MediaWiki, the free software wiki platform. To learn how to operate your own MediaWiki site, see

Physical locations where our servers are racked.

Traffic routing and HTTP caching for all Wikimedia projects.

Infrastructure and services that enable WMF data producers and consumers to discover, use, collect, and publish data.