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You can manage your access to Cloud VPS instances via your preferences on this Wiki. Under the "OpenStack" tab, you manage your public SSH keys (rsa only, dsa is being phased out).

Warning Caution: The public key is always the file with ".pub" on the end. Always keep the private key in secret and never share with anyone else!

After you have uploaded your new public key, it will be available in all the projects that you have access to from the LDAP directory. Then you would be able to access the instances in those projects.

Creating a Public & Private key

Generating a key in Windows

To generate an SSH key in Windows:

  1. Open PuttyGen
  2. Select an SSH-2 RSA key
  3. Click the Generate button
  4. Move your mouse around until the progress bar is full
  5. Type in a passphrase (you will need to remember this) and confirm it
  6. Save the private key and public key onto your local machine
  7. From the text field 'Public key for pasting into OpenSSH authorized_keys file' right click and copy
  8. Insert this into your 'OpenStack' tab of your Wikitech preferences

Generating a key in Unix-like systems

Modern Unix systems include the OpenSSH client (if not then install it). To generate a key, use:

ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "your@email..."

This will store your private key in $HOME/.ssh/id_rsa, and your public key in $HOME/.ssh/ You can use different filenames (with -f parameter), but these are the default filenames, so it's easiest to not change them.

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