Deploying a service in kubernetes

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If you plan to deploy a new service in the Kubernetes cluster make sure your service includes the following before contacting serviceops team:

  • Service must include metrics
  • Service must include logs to stdout
    • Should logs have the @cee tag?
    • What attributes should be included?
  • Continuous integration should be implemented using Blubber/Pipeline (Docker#Building images)
    • This will create a docker image of your application
  • Service must have a readiness endpoint
    • Minimum requirement: returns 200 status
    • Example: /healthz endpoint in Kask
  • Service must have monitoring
  • You should create a Helm chart using your image (from Blubber/Pipeline) and test it on kubernetes as well.

Contact the serviceops team, they should create namespaces etc. for you in the kubernetes cluster

  • Where applicable discuss:
    • How to deploy/upgrade/rollback your service in the cluster?
    • Access/permissions to invoke kubectl
    • Can i deploy more than one service in a namespace?