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PipelineLib is a container based CI workflow specification and engine. It executes any number of discrete CI tasks—building images, running tests, deploying images, etc.—based on a simple YAML file provided in each project repo. It is similar in spirit to .travis-ci.yml and .gitlab-ci.yml for GitHub and GitLab, but provides constructs specific to WMF needs and supports a more advanced DAG based execution scheme.

Below are links to tutorials, user guides, conceptual/architecture documentation, and configuration reference that should help everyone from WMF/volunteer developers wanting to quickly get their projects using a .pipeline/config.yaml to CI maintainers wishing to reimplement the current Groovy/Jenkins based implementation of PipelineLib.

Tutorials for learning PipelineLib usage through hands-on, easy-to-follow examples.
Guides to help users of PipelineLib quickly get their projects up and running in CI.
Documentation for those wanting to understand PipelineLib on a conceptual/architectural level.
Need to quickly see what .pipeline/config.yaml fields/values are supported by PipelineLib? Go here.