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Blubber creates Dockerfiles from a higher level description expressed as YAML. Blubber is a highly opinionated abstraction for container build configurations and a command-line compiler which currently supports outputting multi-stage Dockerfiles.

It aims to provide a handful of declarative constructs that accomplish build configuration in a more secure and deterministic way than running ad-hoc commands.

Blubber is used by Wikimedia CI to test code and publish production-ready Docker images.

Download the Blubber command line application
Try a walkthrough that helps you create your first Blubberfile, create your first Docker images, and start using Blubber for your project
Wikimedia's Deployment pipeline pipeline project makes use of Blubber to run tests and publish images.
Blubber's background, philosophy, and implementation
Detailed Blubber User Guide


There is a short guide to contributing to Blubber for developers in the Blubber repository on Gitlab.