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Tool Labs is a reliable, scalable hosting environment for community developers working on tools and bots that help users maintain and use wikis. The cloud-based infrastructure was developed by the Wikimedia Foundation and is supported by a dedicated group of Wikimedia Foundation staff and volunteers. Tool Labs is a part of the Labs project, which is designed to make it easier for developers and system administrators to try out improvements to Wikimedia infrastructure, including MediaWiki, and to do analytics and bot work.

Tip: Confused about the terms labs, tool labs etc? Read Wikimedia Labs vs Tool Labs.

The Tool Labs environment provides:

  • Support for Web services, continuous bots, and scheduled tasks.
  • Access to replicated production databases.
  • Easily shared management of tool accounts, where tools and bots are stored.
  • A grid engine for dispatching jobs.
  • Support for mosh, SSH, SFTP without complicated proxy setup.
  • A shared pywikibot installation.
  • Version control via Gerrit and Git.
  • Support for Redis.

In general, every tool maintainer should work primarily on the Tools project (not Toolsbeta, which is for experiments to the Tool Labs environment itself).

Requesting access

After filling in the form, your request will then show up in the queue above, and will be processed shortly by one of the Tool Labs administrators.


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SSH Fingerprints

tools-login: Help:SSH Fingerprints/

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