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Please start with our Wikimedia Cloud Services Introduction and the Getting Started guide.

Then check out the Toolforge Portal, homepage, or create a task.

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Server admin log


  • 15:13 bd808: Rebuilding all stretch and buster Docker images. Jessie is broken at the moment due to package version mismatches
  • 11:18 arturo: bump nproc limit in bastions (T219070)
  • 04:29 bd808: Running rebuild_all for Docker images to pick up toollabs-webservice v0.66 [try #2] (T154504, T234617)
  • 04:19 bd808: python3 --image-prefix toolforge --tag latest --no-cache --push --single jessie-sssd
  • 00:20 bd808: Docker rebuild failed in toolforge-python2-s... (more)