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Please start with our Wikimedia Cloud Services Introduction and the Getting Started guide.

Then check out the Toolforge Portal, homepage, or create a task.

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Server admin log


  • 17:16 andrewbogott: switching all instances to use as both primary and secondary ldap server
  • 16:12 bstorm_: cleared errored out stretch grid queues
  • 15:56 bd808: Rebooting tools-static-12
  • 03:09 bstorm_: T217280 depooled and rebooted 15 other nodes. Entire stretch grid is in a good state for now.
  • 02:31 bstorm_: T217280 depooled and rebooted tools-sgeexec-0908 since it had no jobs but very high load from an NFS event that was no longer happening
  • 02:09 bstorm_: T217280 depooled and reboot... (more)