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Please start with our Wikimedia Cloud Services Introduction and the Getting Started guide.

Then check out the Toolforge Portal, homepage, or create a task.

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Server admin log


  • 20:58 bd808: Built tools-k8s-worker-21 to test out build script following openstack client upgrade
  • 15:45 bd808: Rebuilding all Docker containers again because I failed to actually update the build server git clone properly last time I did this
  • 05:23 bd808: Building 6 new tools-k8s-worker instances for the 2020 Kubernetes cluster (take 2)
  • 04:41 bd808: Rebuilding all Docker images to pick up webservice-python-bootstrap changes


  • 23:38 bd808: Halted tools-k8s-worker build script after first instance (tools-k8s-worker-10) stuck in "scheduling" state f... (more)